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Harry's personal demons form a large part of the series. Therefore, it is important to read the Harry Hole books in order of original publication if you wish to have the best reading experience without any spoilers. The Bat (1997) Cockroaches (1998) The Redbreast (2000)

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Harry Hole (the surname pronounced as "HOO-leh"), who is also called "Harry Holy" by allies in the Australian police force, is the main character in a series of crime novels written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. The name is derived from Old Norse Hólar, the plural form of hóll, meaning "round and isolated hill."Harry's surname is also the name of a historic Norwegian town (Hole, Norway.

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Jo Nesbo makes his scriptwriting debut with a Norwegian-language Harry Hole series, coming to Netflix. The series, directed by Oystein Karlsen (Exit, So long Marianne), will be adapted from fifth Harry Hole title The Devil's Star by Jo himself. A heat wave hits a holiday-quiet Oslo. In an apartment by the cemetery, small black lumps begin […]

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Jon "Jo" Nesbø (Norwegian: [ˈjuː ˈnɛ̀sbøː]; born 29 March 1960) is a Norwegian writer, musician, and former football player and reporter. More than 3 million copies of his novels had been sold in Norway as of March 2014, and he had sold over 50 million copies worldwide by 2021, making him the most successful Norwegian author of all time. His work has been translated into more than 50.

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Band 2: Kakerlaken (Ein Harry-Hole-Krimi 2) (366) Ersterscheinung: 31.12.2006. Aktuelle Ausgabe: 29.11.2020. In Bangkok wurde der norwegische Botschafter ermordet. Harry soll die thailändische Polizei unterstützen und taucht tief ein in die Unterwelt einer Stadt, in der Moral und Gesetz keine Rolle spielen.

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Kriminalistischer Hochgenuss: „Harry Hole" ist die Hauptfigur in einer Kriminalromanreihe des norwegischen Autors Jo Nesbo.Insgesamt umfasst die Serie zwölf Bücher. Sofort zur richtigen Reihenfolge >> Der Charakter Harry Hole. Harry Hole ist ein genialer Ermittler, der meistens brutale Mordfälle lösen muss und vor ungewöhnlichen Ermittlungsmethoden nicht zurückschreckt.

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Series list: A Harry Hole Mystery (13 Books) by Jo Nesbo. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating.

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Jo Nesbø (Jo is pronounced Yoo in Norwegian) was born in 1960, in Oslo, Norway. As a child, he was not only exposed to local Scandinavian authors, but also to international writers like Mark Twain, as his father grew up in New York. Nesbo grew up in Molde, in Western Norway, and later he attended the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.

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Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian police and at the same time a crime writer who was born is Oslo, Norway in the year 1960. He is also an accomplished musician as the primary singer and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre.

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Reihenfolge »HARRY HOLE ERMITTELT« von Jo Nesbo. Jo Nesbø ist ein renommierter norwegischer Schriftsteller und Musiker, der weltweit für seine spannenden Kriminalromane bekannt ist. Nesbøs bekannteste literarische Schöpfung ist zweifellos der vielschichtige Ermittler Harry Hole. Diese Krimi-Serie, die aktuell 13 Bände umfasst, hat Nesbø.

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Harry Hole Series. 13 primary works • 13 total works. Harry Hole is the main character in a series of, so far, twelve crime novels written by Jo Nesbø. Hole is a classic loose cannon in the Oslo (Norway) police force, with few close friends and some unorthodox methods.

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Short blond hair. Blue eyes. Graduated from Police College and Law School, grades marginally above average. Special investigator for Crime Squad in Oslo. One-year course with FBI in Chicago, specialising in serial killers. Short stint with the Norwegian Secret Service before returning to Crime Squad. Described by Head of Crime Squad as the best.

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Harry Hole is fully formed as the difficult, vulnerable personality we have come to know. The evocation of Australia itself has the customary Nesbo expertise.most satisfyingly - we can now see the organic shape that Nesbo always intended his work to take ― Independent An ambitious, fun, exciting and original crime novel ― Smålandsposten (Sweden) The Bat is a truly captivating crime.

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Registered office: 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 2SA UK. The official website for Jo Nesbo, author of the Harry Hole detective crime novels including The Bat, The Snowman and more bestselling thrillers, Blood on Snow and Midnight Sun.

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Hörbuch-Reihe (Audio-CD) Hörbuch-Reihe (MP3-CD) Hörbuch-Reihe (MP3-Download) Entdecken sie jetzt die gesamte Harry Hole von Jo Nesbø Reihe im Online-Shop von bü! Jetzt stöbern und nach Hause liefern lassen.