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30 Quirky Facts About New Zealand InfoGraphic. Luke Ward. 2 Minutes Read. Updated: March 17, 2021. Did you know that New Zealand's only native land mammals are bats? New Zealand's Coastline is 9 th longest shore stretch in the world. That accounts for everything that makes New Zealand even an interesting place to revisit the world of The.

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Fun Facts About New Zealand: 1. Sheep Rule! There are approximately 4.9 sheep per person in New Zealand, which is the highest sheep-to-human ratio in the world. Currently, there are 5.15 million New Zealanders scattered across 268,021 sq km, which means there are over 25.3 million sheep in New Zealand!

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Helpful things to know before traveling to New Zealand. We're sharing some super practical things that we wish we would've known before our trip to New Zealand! 1. Learn to speak the language. In New Zealand the most commonly spoken language is English…. Kiwi English, that is. For the most part you'll have no problem understanding locals.

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5. The Maori name of New Zealand is Aotearoa. The translation of Aotearoa is the land of the long white cloud. 6. First modern country to allow women's voting rights. Women obtained voting rights already in 1893, which made it the first country in the world to do so. 7. Baldwin Street is the world's steepest street.

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Here are 39 cool and interesting facts about New Zealand you probably didn't know! 1. New Zealanders are called Kiwis. Let's start with what is probably one of the most essential and interesting New Zealand facts: what we're called. A person from New Zealand is often referred to as a Kiwi and not a New Zealander.

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Here are 51 interesting facts about New Zealand that will very possibly help you learn something new about this beautiful country today! 1. There are three types of Kiwis in New Zealand: the bird, the fruit and the people. 2. Auckland is known as the "city of sails" with more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world.

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Fun Facts about New Zealand. 36. New Zealand's bird kea is known for eating strips of rubber from windows and pulling windscreen wipers off cars. 37. The country's government created a Minister for Lord of the Rings at one point to ensure the benefit of "The Lord of the Rings" films for the local economy. 38.

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It is the sole home, for example, of the long-beaked, flightless kiwi, the ubiquitous nickname for New Zealanders. New Zealand was the largest country in Polynesia when it was annexed by Great Britain in 1840. Thereafter it was successively a crown colony, a self-governing colony (1856), and a dominion (1907).

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In 1990, New Zealand became the first country in the modern world to appoint an Official National Wizard. New Zealand has more penguin species than any other nation. It's one of the most unknown facts about New Zealand the food in NZ is delicious!

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New Zealand is a welcoming, diverse country with a history of Māori, European, Pacific Island, and Asian immigration. This rich blend of cultures, combined with geologically fascinating landscapes and unique flora and fauna, make New Zealand an exciting country to explore. Discover some interesting facts about New Zealand below.

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6. New Zealand is roughly the size of the UK and has a population of 4.5 million people compared with the UK's 65 million people. 7. One of the most amusing interesting facts about New Zealand is that there are more sheep than people - approximately six per person. 8. There are no native snakes in New Zealand.

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New Zealand, a picturesque island country situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is known for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage. With a population of around 5 million, this small yet vibrant country is home to breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches, lush forests, and captivating cities. In this article.

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Here are 20 interesting facts about New Zealand, "the paradise of the Pacific". 20 interesting facts about New Zealand Overview New Zealand. New Zealand has an area of about 268,000 square kilometers. There are two major islands in New Zealand - North Island and South Island. The population of New Zealand is about 5.2 million (2023 estimate).

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Another bizarre fact about New Zealand: there are an estimated 27.6 million sheep. That's five times as many as there are people! New Zealand is the biggest exporter of lambs in the world. Until 1987, New Zealand's biggest agricultural industry was sheep farming and there were about 70 million sheep in the country.

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New Zealand has seven times as many sheep and three times as many cows as people. [6] The kauri tree in New Zealand takes about 200 years to mature. The largest kauri tree in the world, Tāne Mahuta (Lord of the Forest), located in the Waipoua Forest, has a circumference of over 43 feet (13 m) and an overall height of 169 feet (51.5 m). It is also reported to be about 2,100 years old.

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To answer read on for 14 fun facts about New Zealand. Fascinating Moeraki Boulders Beach. 1. There Is More Than One Type Of Kiwi. When you hear the word, "kiwi," you probably think of the little green fruit. But there are actually three different meanings for the word, including the fruit. A "kiwi" can refer to a native of New Zealand.