How to Write a Blog Post A StepbyStep Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]

ELL Teaching 2.0 Blogging with English Learners

Make sure that your name reflects your blog's persona, topic and niche. Once you have finalized your name, choose your domain name (also referred to as a URL, for example, Typically, your domain name will be the same as, or at least similar to the name of your blog. 09. Pick relevant images.

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Educating potential students and parents on the strengths of your school. Once you have a mission in place, post it in the sidebar of your blog so all your visitors can see it. 2. Make it shareable. The best way to spread your blog's message is through organic social sharing.

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Subjects. Grade. 7-12. Brief Description. Students explore blogs and learn about best practices for this type of writing. They gain information literacy skills that help them become educated consumers of this digital medium. Objectives. Students will be able to identify blogs of different types, purposes and levels of credibility. Students.

ELL Teaching 2.0 Blogging with English Learners

How to write school blogs. To make your school blog stand out, here are the key ingredients for a great blog: A compelling headline. Intriguing subheaders. Smart use of SEO keywords. Engaging copy. Internal and external linking. A meta title and meta description. A powerful call-to-action.

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A blog. Look at the blog and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Instructions. Preparation. Reading. Check your understanding: true or false. Check your writing: gap fill - completing a blog. Worksheets and downloads. A blog - exercises 427.92 KB.

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With any writing project, following the writing process enables you to craft a thoughtful, well-developed piece. Blog posts are no exception. After you've determined a topic for your first blog post, create an outline. List your working title and the key points you want to hit in your post.

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The more consistency you weave into your posts, the better the reader's experience. Let's say you write a list post covering five steps to achieve something. If the first step is 500 words, the second and third steps are 100 words, the fourth step is 200 words and the fifth step is 400 words, it looks sloppy.

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You Need These 6 Call-to-Action Tips. A great call-to-action is what takes readers from simply reading your blog post and leaving, to reading your blog post and staying connected to your school. Here's how to catch readers when they're interested and engaged, and prompt them to stay that way. 10 Do's and Don'ts for School Blogs While.

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Perform keyword research (step two explains how) For a data-led approach to blog post ideation, try Semrush's Topic Research tool. Click " + Enter domain to find content on .". Enter a broad topic idea. And your country and domain. Then, click " Get content ideas .". The tool will provide a variety of content ideas.

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2. Create a rough outline. This is where you begin organizing your material with at first a rough (or scratch) outline to list out the key points you want to cover. Once you have the big chunks spelled out, you can fill in with a more detailed outline. Keep in mind the whole purpose of the article.

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Writing an Academic Blog. The purpose of blog writing is to present ideas in an accessible and more informal way than in formal academic papers. Blog posts are typically short pieces that integrate your personal experiences with analysis. Blogs are a great place to focus in detail on an interesting topic related to class discussion or on.

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The 4-Step Blog Post Template for Your First Blog Entry. After working with thousands of new bloggers, I've created a simple 4-step template to help you write your first blog post fast. Those four steps are: Step 1. Create a catchy headline; Step 2. Write the outline before you start writing; Step 3: Edit your blog post draft

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By focusing on your core blog topics, or clusters, you can establish yourself as a thought leader, gain the trust of your audience, rank better on search engines, and attract new readers. 3. Identify what's missing from the existing discourse. Fill in the gaps of the existing discourse in the topic of your choosing.

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The language used in the blog should be structured to include keywords in a natural-sounding, context-relative way. In other words, a blog about training Doberman Pinschers should contain the words a Google user might search for, such as Doberman, training, obedience, Platz, sit, heel, fuss, in sentences, not lists.

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How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Steps. Written by MasterClass. Last updated: Dec 15, 2021 • 5 min read. Writing blog posts can help an entrepreneur promote a business or help novelists supplement their creative writing. Therefore, the time spent learning how to write a blog post can serve as an investment in your broader career.

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1) Introductory Video. If your students are new to blogging (or need a refresher) you might want to start by showing them this short video. The video goes through the terminology of blogging and explains how blogs are used. For a simple follow-up activity, check out this blogging vocabulary crossword. 2) Kahoot!