Detecting Mold With Your Nose

Smell is regarded by some as our strongest sense. One things that is for sure is that smell is the your best connection to memory. When it comes to mold, if you have ever smelt it, you will never forget it. This is how you can detect mold in your own home quickly, easily and at no cost!

If your nose has picked up an earthy, musty scent, this is a good indication that mold is present. How to you confirm this smell though? Step outside.

It really is that simple. Leave the room or area of your home where you are picking up the musty scent and take a walk outside. Be sure to take in lots of deep, long breathes (through your nose) while you are out there. this will clear your pallet and get your nose ready for the follow up test.

Now that you are ready, step back in the room or area of your home where you suspected the mold presence and give it another smell. If you pick up the scent again, this is a sign that the mold is somewhere.

To take this test one step further, repeat the steps above but test your nose out in other areas of your room or home and compare the results. If you do find mold you will want to do two things as quickly as possible;

August 22, 2014 / / - / Do It Yourself