Residential Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality TestingThe indoor air quality within our homes plays a very important role in our day to day well-being, health and comfort. When our indoor environment is impacted by airborne pollutants or contaminants, it may result in a variety of health related problems that can severely impact our lives.

If you, or a family member, have been experiencing symptoms of chronic respiratory issues, colds, fatigue or sluggishness, the air quality within your home may be the culprit. So, how do you find a problem that you can’t see?  Well, that’s where we come in!

How We Help You and Your Family

Indoor Air Quality TestingThe air within your home may be impacted by a variety of different pollutants including VOC’s, bacteria, dust, mold and other allergens, all of which are destroying your health and comfort. Our residential air quality testing service will alert you to any pollutants in your air. We will even help you devise a plan to remediate.

Creating clean air and a healthy environment is what we do best. In fact, it’s all we do! Call The Mold Inspection Experts and let us give you the peace of mind that is achieved from dealing with unbiased, focused professionals who are looking out for your interests! We have the equipment, knowledge and experience required to help keep your home and family safe.

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Commercial Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality TestingA great deal of research shows that a “sick building” has the ability to directly impact the bottom line of your business. Sick Building Syndrome is a leading contributing factor to employee turnover rates, workplace dissatisfaction and absenteeism. It can also pose a significant liability risk to employers and building owners alike.

The cost of a professional air quality investigation can be far outweighed by the benefits achieved, particularly when you consider the the importance of a healthy, happy workforce.

How We Help Your Bottom Line

Indoor Air Quality TestingThe air within your workplace or commercial property may be impacted by a variety of different pollutants. Volatile organic compounds, bacteria, dust, mold and other allergens all wreak havoc on productivity levels and comfort and pose a serious threat to building occupants. Our commercial air quality testing service is your solution to attaining the information needed to return your business or building back to a safe and healthy environment. Call The Mold Inspection Experts – we have the equipment, knowledge and experience required to help protect your bottom line, improve productivity and minimize your liability risks.

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